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Supply and demand

Bought the course in April 2020, studied hard thanks to kev, the group and the market and after less than a year I got my first successes by overcoming the first step of ftmo, obviously the road is long but kev has always been available to answer every message and any doubt. The course is worth gold and is sold at a price that I believe could be 10 or 100 times that. It only deserves the experience of a true professional approach to the markets. Highly recommended if you want to understand how the marker moves


I am taking from my personal experience…

I am talking from my personal experience TFS is beyond just a course its a life changing materiel because it doesn’t just teach you a trading setup it teach you all the component’s to be a professional trader because trading is not just an entry trading is verity of things combined in one systematic system and TFS is a full package that will fulfill all these important parts to grab your hand to success so i guess to sum this long review the bottom line take the leap of faith and give this course its time because trading is marathon not a race and lastly give my thanx to the beautiful community that helped me in all my hard times wish all new TFS traders the good luck .


Best course

The best investment you could make in your trading journey. Amazing community full of supportive, SUCCESFUL, traders. The mentor Kev is amazing and is always there to help as well. The course goes into depth on everything you need to know, and even includes extras to get your trading to that next level. Easy 5 star



This course will change your life as it did for me. I have tried many other courses but this course has completely changed the game in the forex industry. I will 100% recommend this course.


Life changing course

Life changing course, luckily the first course I bought aside from all the signal groups that didn’t help at all. This has teached me to trade on my own. I just got approved for FTMO and I’m able to trade professionally. TheForexScalpers is now a very big part of my life and has helped me to financial freedom. Kris.H

Josh Heeren

Worth every penny.

Worth every penny.

By far the most valuable educational Forex course I have ever been a part of.

The depth and detail Kev puts into every section and chapter all adds up to an extremely well-polished course.

Not only that, but included within the course itself is homework for nearly every section which Kev grades himself.

The course is also constantly being updated with new information and Member contributions. Last but not least, The Forex Scalper community is the most engaging and helpful Forex community out there. The camaraderie is on another level.

You can post a simple question about anything and someone in the groupchat WILL help you!

TJ Dunham

I have no words that can express how I…

I have no words that can express how I feel. After taking many courses, this course cleared up all my confusion. I recommend it to anyone that wants to trade like a pro and become financially free.
Thank you forexscalper!!!


This course really is life changing…

This course really is life changing stuff. My only regret is not investing sooner. All the content is original and you can tell that it has been written by the author himself. Everytime I go through the course I learn something new. Everything is explained in great detail, from beginners to advanced level. All I can say is Thanks to Kev for this life changing opportunity!

Jayde Tooms

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